Iranian missile
Iranian missileIsrael news photo

The Revolutionary Guards in Iran are training Hamas terrorists in ground-to-ground missiles in Sudan. The Lebanon-based Al-Qanat website reports, based on Western intelligence sources, that 14 Hamas terrorists from Gaza took part in the first training session two months ago.

The website also reported on Iranian-Sudanese ties, featuring the delivery of Iranian missiles to Sudan and stored in Iranian “Kuds Force” stockrooms near the capital city Khartoum. The Sudanese Army denies the reports, Arab affairs correspondent Haggai Huberman reports.

Details of Hamas training in Gaza also have been revealed. Israel’s Security Agency, (Shin Bet-Shabak) has permitted for publication the details of advanced military courses Iran has given the terrorists of Gaza in the past. The courses include: Dealing with explosives, topography, navigation, light-weapons, rope-climbing, parachuting, swimming and diving training, military discipline, intelligence, Interpol, secret communication, changing one’s appearance, various means of assassination, Shiite Islam and Iranian revolutionary ideology.

At the same time, Iran’s FNA news agency reports that Iran's first home-made destroyer is capable of accomplishing six simultaneous missions. This is thanks to the advanced technologies, including guided missile systems, used in the vessel, according to Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari, commander of the Islamic Republic naval forces.

The destroyer can defend itself against underwater, surface and air attacks simultaneously. "Several information, electronic warfare, anti-electronic, radar, missile, under-water torpedo-launching and sonar systems and technologies have been used in different stories of the destroyer," Sayyari said.