Sarah Palin
Sarah PalinIsrael news photo

Sarah Palin, the Alaska governor who ran with Sen. John McCain against the Obama-Biden ticket, said on Sunday that U.S. President Barack Obama can win again if he starts backing Israel and decides to attack Iran.

Speaking on Fox News, Palin stated, “Say he decided to declare war on Iran or decide to really come out and do whatever he could to support Israel–which I would like him to do. That changes the dynamics of what we can assume will happen between now and three years. Because I think if the election were today, Obama would not be elected.”

She wrote off President Obama as a man who lectures and does not lead. Palin charged that President Obama’s message to the American people is “just kind of sit down and shut up and accept. When he is up there and he is telling us basically, ‘I know best, my people here in the White House know best.'”

She described the President as being weak on terrorism and national defense. "We are in war," said the former Alaska governor. "These are acts of war that these terrorists are committing. We need to treat them a little bit differently than an American who is worthy, an American being worthy of our U.S. constitutional rights. I don’t think the terrorists are worthy of our rights.

“Treating this like a mere law enforcement matter places our country at great risk because that's not how radical Islamic extremists are looking at this. They know we're at war, and to win that war we need a commander in chief, not a professor of law standing at the lectern."