A Hamas website proudly reports on two young British citizens who have moved to Gaza to join the jihad against Israel.

The website did not provide many details on the two. One of them, known as Ibrahim al-Majersi, is reported to have “left his home in order to the join the jihad in Gaza,” and was scheduled to deliver a lecture in the famous Large Mosque of Gaza. He apparently met with Hamas and Al-Kassam Brigades terrorists.

The other, known only as Mustafa, is reported to have served in the British Army in Iraq.

Muslim terrorists apparently find Great Britain a convenient place to study and grow in their dedication to the cause. Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, who attempted to blow up a Northwest Airline flight from Nigeria to Detroit via Amsterdam last month, studied at University College London for three years, graduating in 2008 with a degree in mechanical engineering. Though he was always known to be religious, family members claimed that the terrorist had been “recruited” to a more militant form of Islam in London. He spent his elementary school days at the British School in Togo, West Africa.

In addition, British courts recently sentenced seven English citizens to long prison sentences – three of them for life – for their involvement in the 2006 terrorist plot to blow up several airliners flying from Britain to North America. At least one of them had strong ties with Al-Qaeda, the extent of whose involvement in the plot remains unclear – though the planned attacks resemble several other Al Qaeda plots targeting American airlines.

Two British-citizen terrorists carried out a suicide attack in Tel Aviv in April 2003, murdering the guard at the Mike’s Place restaurant and two others. The two were equipped with explosives vests in Gaza. The explosives worn by one of the terrorists did not detonate, and he escaped from the scene; his body was found several weeks later off the Tel Aviv shore.

The student unions of two British colleges - the London School of Economics and University of London’s Queen Mary College – have recently decided to forge an alliance with the Islamic University in Gaza, a political and military bastion of Hamas.