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Anti-Semitic hackers shut down the London Jewish Chronicle website for 18 hours until Monday morning and posted an Arab flag, hate slogans and messages from the Koran. The computer vandals called themselves “Palestinian Mujaheeds.”

The hackers’ address was identified as being in Turkey, whose official statements have been increasingly anti-Israeli the past year. Turkey and Israel were involved in a diplomatic row last week after one of its television stations showed an anti-Zionist soap opera and Israel's Deputy Foreign Minister responded with a diplomatic snub of Ankara's envoy.

"Arent you ashamed of giving tolerance to Jewish who is the main actor of wars with being of children killers?” [sic] the hackers posted on the website. "Arent you ashamed of giving support to vampire who doesn't care any human life? Arent you ashamed of showing respect to Jewish who makes revenge, hatred and rivality feelings between the people?"

Jewish Chronicle editor Stephen Pollard said, “It’s a pretty self-defeating attempt to silence us. Our site was down for a few hours, but as a result we will get more readers than ever before.”