traffic accident
traffic accident

Traffic fatalities in 2009 are down significantly compared to last year, and mark the lowest score in 40 years.

In 2008, 447 people were killed on Israel’s roads, compared to 346 this year - a drop of over 22%.  Among the casualties were 113 pedestrians, 106 drivers, 72 passengers, and 34 motorcyclists. The rate of pedestrian casualties remained the same, that of passengers dropped, and the rate of cyclist deaths rose slightly.

Israel’s worst year in terms of traffic deaths was 1974, when 706 people were killed.

Despite the encouraging trend, the Green Light association reports that Israel is still first in the industrial world in child victims of traffic accidents, and third in pedestrian victims.

Reasons for the improvements in the fatality rates include: Improved rescue services and road infrastructures, higher safety standards for cars, increased police enforcement, and information campaigns. Motorcylists not wearing helmets is cited as a reason for the slight rise in motorcycle deaths in 2009.

Jewish road deaths dropped 21%, and only 15% in other sectors. More resources to fight for traffic safety in the Arab sector are therefore demanded.

Traffic deaths on inter-urban highways totaled 208, 21% fewer than last year, and 135 inside cities, down 25%. This, despite the fact that 75% of accidents occur inside the towns and cities.