'No entry for freeze inspectors'
'No entry for freeze inspectors'Israel news photo

Tens of thousands of people participated Wednesday evening in a demonstration in a large and lively Jerusalem organized by the Yesha Council (the local government councils of Judea and Samaria). The head of the Yesha Council, Danny Dayan, told the gathered crowd: “We have not come to ask for a crooked compromise. We have come to demand a full thawing of the construction in Judea and Samaria.”

Video: Israel National News speaks with Danny Dayan:

"We will continue to build the land on the ground,” Dayan said. “The inspectors are coming to check, from up close, if there are foundations [to buildings]. But all of Judea and Samaria have foundations! Judea and Samaria are our foundations!”

"We will win in this struggle because we are more determined,” he said. “The fire and the warmth of the struggle will melt the freeze.”

MK Danny Danon, Head of the World Likud, read out the telephone number of the White House and told the audience to call the number “and tell Obama: 'take your hands off the Land of Israel!'”

MK Michael Ben-Ari (National Union) mocked the decision to impose a freeze on the residents of Judea and Samaria. "

"Bibi takes concepts from the kitchen, today he freezes tomorrow he thaws. But Jews aren't schnitzel - you cant freeze us!”

"We have a clear message of unity. This freeze is already experiencing a boiling reality. If there is anyone who should be deported it is certainly not the Jewish people. We have been expelled enough times already and we will not be expelled again," he vowed as the crowd cheered.

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