Divided border village of Ghajar
Divided border village of GhajarIsrael news photo

Likud Knesset Member Ayoub Kara, a member of the Druze community, has vowed to “fight with my last drop of blood” against Israel’s abandoning the northern border village of Ghajar to United Nations and Hizbullah.

The international border divides the village, whose Israeli residents have expressed fears of being forced to come under the rule of southern Lebanon, where Hizbullah is the de facto authority. A ministerial committee has recommended withdrawing from the village, a move that MK Kara said would "complicate Israel’s security in the north.” United Nations officials told Lebanese media they have not been informed of any Israeli decision to withdraw from Ghajar.

MK Kara, who also serves as Deputy Minister for the Development of the Galilee and the Negev, told Arutz 7 that the area is included in the Golan Law that requires an absolute Knesset majority for ceding of land. He said that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Intelligence Minister Dan Meridor promised they would examine the issue.

In unusually harsh terms, the Likud MK warned that leaving the village would mean depending on the promises of the “dolls” of the United Nations Interim  Forces in Lebanon (UNIFIL) who have been ineffective in enforcing U.N. resolutions to disarm Hizbullah. “Only an ass would run into the same wall twice,” he stated.

He added that although it is clear that a mistake was made in determining the status of Ghajar, the government “prefers the simple solution of withdrawing instead of bringing up the issue with the international community.

“I will fight for this until my last drop of blood as I did in the struggle against the expulsion of Jews” from Gush Katif and other areas of Gaza and northern Samaria four years ago.

The United States and the U.N. have assured Israel that the new Lebanese government, headed by Saad Hariri, will bring stability to southern Lebanon.   

MK Kara ridiculed the Lebanese government, which he said is made up of “dolls that are controlled by remote control from Syria and Iran. We are abandoning the area to [Hassan] Nasrallah,” head of the Hizbullah terrorist organization and political party.