Peace Now demonstration
Peace Now demonstrationIsrael news photo

The Knesset has banned Peace Now chairman Yariv Oppenheimer after he ordered three activists to pose as students while interviewing Knesset Members. The ban follows a demand by National Union Knesset Member Dr. Michael Ben-Ari, who complained to the Speaker of the legislature about the false identities.

Oppenheimer stood behind sending the three activists, posing as students, to interview MK Ben-Ari. The Peace Now chairman said the ban is "undemocratic."

Yariv Oppenheimer (Photo: Flash 90)

"Oppenheimer not only does not deny sending them but also ran to the media to brag that he is behind the incident,” said Ben-Ari, which he described as very serious. He added, “The three 'students' managed to speak with several Knesset Members, using the same disguise, which is a criminal offense." The three activists said they wanted to film MK Ben-Ari as part of a supposed student project on democracy.

The “students” aroused the suspicion of the legislator, who noticed that one of them was wearing a “kippa” (skullcap) in an awkward way. During the interview, they showed other signs of being fakes, and one of the activists admitted that he was using a false name.

All three of them eventually confessed that their mission was under Oppenheimer’s orders and was to obtain material to be used against the Knesset Member.