Rabbi Chaim Druckman, Head of Conversions in the Prime Minister's Office and Head of Bnei Akiva Yeshivas, expressed support for the position of MK Rabbi Chaim Amsalem (Shas) on easing conversion of immigrants who have Jewish parentage and served in the IDF.

Jewish law requires that a person be born of a Jewish mother in order to be considered Jewish. Otherwise, the person requires formal conversion in order to become a Jew. However, non-Jews who have Jewish parentage are considered “Zera Yisrael” – “seed of Israel” – and Rabbis can choose to make their conversion an easier process.   

Rabbi Druckman said that Rabbi Amsalem's approach is not new and that it reflects the positions held by numerous Jewish sages, as far back as 170 years ago. Rabbi Druckman said that Rabbi Amsalem was right when he said that serving in the army shows the seriousness of a person about becoming Jewish.

After reading Rabbi Amsalem's position paper on the subject, Rabbi Druckman said: “There is honesty here. This is a wise Torah scholar and not just anyone. He examines things through true parameters of Halacha (Jewish law).“