Israel's primary emergency ambulance service, Magen David Adom (MDA), revealed the "Ambulance of Wishes" Monday. The ambulance is a humanitarian project that will have one purpose: to help fulfill terminal patients' wishes and dreams. It will cater to patients who are bedridden, or limited in their mobility and in their motions, and will make it possible for them to visit a place that is dear to their hearts.  

Bought and equipped at a cost of NIS 1,200,000, the special ambulance was contributed by the Friends of Magen David Adom in Sweden. The project was initiated by Yael Gera and led by MDA Director Eli Bin.

The ambulance was inaugurated during the annual convention of IMDAC – the international conference of friends of Magen David Adom – at the Western Wall Plaza. In attendance were Deputy Health Minister Yaakov Litzman, donors from abroad, and MDA employees and volunteers.

Visits to Historic and Religious Sites

The ambulance will take patients to historic and religious sites, to sports and cultural events, to unique nature sites, to the seashore and to other places of their choosing. Rides on the "Ambulance of Wishes" will be carefully planned with the assistance of the doctor treating the patient, and at no cost whatsover. The ambulance is specially fitted to ensure a smooth and bump-free ride. A sophisticated camera on the roof allows the patient to see the sights along the route on a plasma screen.

The ambulance also includes an advanced cinema system, refrigerators for food and medicine, an advanced respiration system, a highly maneuverable wheelchair with extra-large tires which can used on a sandy beach, and room for specially-trained paramedics who accompany the patient.

A similar project is already in existence in Holland, where it is in high demand.