Palestinian Authority Arabs have made a variety of accusations against Israel over the years, from distributing bubble gum that corrupts Muslim youth to attacking with trained pigs. The latest rumor making the rounds among Arabs in Samaria is that Israelis are training snakes to attack innocent farmers, according to the Bethlehem-based Maan news, whichis closely associated with the Fatah-led Palestinian Authority.

The rumor apparently began when a snake bit a woman outside a village adjacent to the Jewish city of Ariel. Local Arabs said that after the attack, the snake “escaped” toward Ariel. The snake's movement was taken as a sign that it had been released from Ariel by Israelis intent on harming Arabs.

The Maan report also accused Ariel residents of ruining farmland in the area by dumping waste onto Arab land.

PA villagers in the same area were the first to accuse Israelis of using trained pigs to attack Arab farmers. Several such accusations have been published by PA media. In addition, PA media has accused Israel of unleashing anti-Arab “super rats” in Jerusalem.

There is no scientific evidence indicating that rats or snakes can be trained as attack animals, or that either of the species can differentiate between Jews and Arabs.

The United States Roadmap plan demands that the PA halt incitement against Israel