Young boy and soldier in Hevron
Young boy and soldier in HevronIsrael News Photo: (Flash 90)

IDF forces carried out several successful counterterrorism operations overnight, even as Monday saw a few sporadic attacks on Jewish targets. Media claims that Jews perpetrated violent vandalism against Arabs in Hevron were found to be false - with the help of Hevron Arabs.

Operating overnight Monday to Tuesday, IDF forces captured several Palestinian Authority residents suspected of terrorist activity. In a series of raids in Kalkilyah, Ramallah and Hevron, eight wanted individuals were apprehended. The suspects were handed over to officers of the Israel Security Agency (ISA) for questioning.

On Monday night, Gaza-based PA terrorists opened fire at soldiers providing security for ongoing maintenance work on the Gaza perimeter fence near the Karni Crossing. No injuries or damage were reported.

The Israeli force returned fire towards the source of the attack, but were unable to ascertain if they struck the enemy gunmen.

In a similar incident, earlier in the day, PA terrorists in the northern part of Gaza fired a mortar shell at workers performing engineering tasks along the security fence next to the Kissufim Crossing. No injuries or damage were reported in that attack either.

It was the first such incident since the Israel Air Force bombed a weapons-smuggling tunnel in southern Gaza. That air strike came after two mortar shells were fired by Gaza terrorists towards the Erez Crossing.

Elsewhere, an Israeli vehicle was damaged Monday afternoon when Arabs threw rocks at it. This attack, targeting Jewish motorists, occurred next to the Samarian Jewish community of Sha'arei Tikva. No injuries were reported, but IDF troops were summoned to the scene to search for the perpetrators.

Arabs Refute False Accusations Against Jews of Hevron

Several Hebrew-language Israeli media outlets reported on Monday that Jews had rampaged through Hevron, vandalizing homes and cars. Reports included descriptions of clashes between Jews and Arabs in the ancient city. Arabic-language reporting, including from the Palestinian Authority, cited Israeli newspapers as their only source for news on the claimed events.

By Monday night, however, the Judea and Samaria department of the Israeli police said their officers found no evidence to support claims of violence by Jews against Arab persons or property in Hevron.

Police and IDF soldiers searched the Abu Sneineh neighborhood, where the vandalism was reported to have taken place, and interviewed local Arabs. The Arabs refuted the media claims of a Jewish riot and told authorities that nothing at all had occurred. The officers were also unable to identify any signs of recent violence against Arab-owned property in the area.