Dozens of streets in PA cities will be named for Arab terrorists in Israeli jails, commemorating their "heroic" actions.

Hundreds of streets, schools, and other institutions under the control of the Palestinian Authority are already named after "martyrs" - terrorists who were killed by the IDF when they attacked Israeli civilians. The PA now plans to commemorate the actions of terrorists who are still alive, serving sentences in Israeli prisons.

At least 100 streets in PA cities will be named for these terror prisoners, said PA Minister of Prisoner Affairs Issa Qaraqi announced last week.

The terrorists to be honored in this manner have all been convicted for directly participating in or helping plan terror attacks in which Israelis were killed, and all have been sentenced by Israel to at least 20 years in prison. The namings will take place in the coming weeks in major ceremonies in towns throughout PA-controlled territory, Qaraqi said.

Qaraqi said that the decision was an official PA act of solidarity with the terrorists, especially those whose actions had landed them lengthy or life terms in prison. "This is the legitimate right of the Palestinians," he said. "We have the honor and duty to honor our prisoners in recognition of their sacrifices and steadfastness in Israeli prisons." Qaraqi did not specify whether the streets would be named after terrorists of all factions, including those of Hamas, or just terrorists affiliated with his own Fatah terror organization.

Qaraqi, recently appointed to his post by PA Prime Minister Salam Fayyad, is also chairman of the "Palestinian Prisoners Association," which provides legal help and other services for terrorists in Israeli prisons.

Barghouti to Run for Office

On Saturday, Qaraqi announced that arch-terrorist Marwan Barghouti – who is serving five life terms in Israeli prisons for his direct and indirect role in terror attacks that killed dozens of Israelis - would run for a seat on the internal controlling council of the Fatah terror movement. Qaraqi said that Fatah will support his candidacy, "out of respect to our leaders in Israeli custody as well as their supporters. Marwan Barghouti is beyond dispute a leader of the steadfast struggle against the occupation prisons."

As the "dean" of terrorists serving time in Israel, Barghouti is slated to have several streets named after him, Qaraqi said.