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NY PoliceIsrael News Photo: File

I've been driving in the West Bank, I've been in Gaza. I never imagined that New York would be where I'd get hit by a rock.

A major in the IDF was hospitalized for head wounds in a rock throwing attack, in which the culprits threw a stone that hit her in the head. The officer was not riding in a jeep in Samaria – but in a taxicab in New York's Upper East Side.

Gilat Raz, an IDF career officer, is visiting family in New York. On Tuesday night, she was riding in a cab on the FDR Drive, when the vehicle was hit by a large rock, which hit her in the head and opened a large gash over her left eye. The cab driver quickly drove Raz to an area hospital, where she was treated and released.

The culprits were two youths who were amusing themselves by throwing projectiles off the East 74th street overpass above the FDR Drive, police said. Both are to be indicted on assault and reckless endangerment charges. "It's beyond stupid and thoughtless," a police spokesperson said. "They were aiming for the cars, like target practice, and didn't care who they hurt." The pair hit seven vehicles altogether, five of them taxis. They were caught when a witness showed police their hiding place behind an SUV parked on the overpass. Raz was the only one injured on their free-throw spree.

"I've been driving in the West Bank; I've been in Gaza," Raz was quoted by the New York Daily News as saying. "I never imagined that New York would be where I'd get hit by a rock. Only G-d knows how much worse it could have been. I'll go to the synagogue on Saturday to say Birkat HaGomel," the blessing said when emerging from danger. Raz added that her daughter and seven-year-old son, who were not in the cab at the time, have been pleading to go back home, "where it's safe. I love New York, but this changed something for me," she added. "I'm scared stiff right now."