Migron residents are asked to resist the government's offer of houses in a bigger town. "Placing us in ghettos will make it easier for them to destroy us," activists tell them.

The Binyamin Residents Committee, the Women in Green grassroots organization, and others call upon the 45 families in Migron, just north of Jerusalem, not to “fall for the trap” of moving into new homes in nearby Adam. The Defense Ministry announced on Monday that it would build 50 new houses in the growing city of Adam for the Migron families. Migron is a hilltop neighborhood officially considered unauthorized – largely because of the lack of Defense Minister Barak’s signature of approval, as well as because of a lawsuit filed by Arab residents (sought out by Peace Now) on part of the land.

"The settlement 'blocs' will very quickly become ghettos in the full sense of the word, because there will be no construction and no expansion. Crowding the Jews into the ghettos will make the destruction work easy..."

“Any solution that means the destruction of a Jewish settlement point,” says the Binyamin Residents Committee, “and transferring the residents elsewhere, is not acceptable. The Nation of Israel did not return to its homeland merely to be concentrated in ghettos.”

“It is too bad that the Netanyahu government caves in to the extreme left which, under the mantle of maintaining law, seeks to destroy the Jewish settlement enterprise in Judea and Samaria to its foundations.”  

Women in Green issued this call:

“History teaches us that before Jews are liquidated, the enemy groups them into ghettos, thus easing the destruction work. We call upon our brethren in Migron not to fall into the honey trap being laid for them. The State’s consent to build 50 housing units in Adam for the Migron refugees is nothing more than a microcosm of the plan to destroy the entire Jewish settlement enterprise in Judea and Samaria.

“First they will entice the residents of the smaller settlements to ‘relocate’ to settlement ‘blocs,' which will then become ghettos in the full sense of the word, because there will be no construction and no expansion. Crowding the Jews into the ghettos will make the destruction work easy, as all the hilltops will be in the hands of PLO-Hamas. The residents of the ‘blocs’ will then be asked to ‘relocate’ to yet another ‘bloc’ – the State of Israel in its 1948 borders.

“Our brethren in Migron, you have a heavy responsibility on your shoulders. You are the first piece in the row of dominos. Don’t make a mistake that will become a ‘weeping for generations.’ While a sharp sword rests upon the entire settlement enterprise, as a first step for the destruction of the State of Israel – we must not allow ourselves to be pushed into ghettos. On the contrary: We must expand, build, and grab every hilltop.”

In other Yesha news:

Avi Roeh, who chairs the Binyamin Regional Council, the largest council in Judea and Samaria, moved his offices on Monday to the IDF checkpoint at Hizme. Roeh and his fellow regional council officials are thus taking part in the protests against the frequent traffic jams there.

The security forces have long been asked to speed up the security checks at the checkpoint, which divides between Jerusalem’s Pisgat Ze’ev neighborhood and southern Shomron. The residents say that the army should ensure that all three lanes are open whenever necessary, and that extra staffing be added.  Traffic frequently grinds to a 20-30 minute wait, or longer, at the checkpoint.

Bat Ayin

Near Bat Ayin, in Gush Etzion, a group of some 30 Israeli and foreign left-wing activists, including Arabs, was detained by police after they violated a “closed military zone” and caused a provocation. The group claimed that the Jews of Bat Ayin prevent Arabs from nearing their fields and burnt some orchards. The Jews respond that the accusations are “total lies, and that the leftists simply want to ignite the area.”