Arab town in Samaria
Arab town in SamariaIsrael news photo: (Hana Levi Julian)

A Palestinian Authority 15-year-old was tortured and murdered this week for allegedly cooperating with Israel. According to PA police, the primary suspects in the case are several members of the teenager's own family.

The suspects, both men and women, have reportedly admitted to their roles in the crime. They justified the act by explaining their suspicious regarding the boy's behavior.

The victim has been identified as Raed Sawalha, of the village of Hija, near Kalkilya.

PA police are investigating the case, and have detained several suspects for questioning. PA forces said that at this time, they have not found evidence to indicate that Sawalha was in fact spying for Israel.

Senior PA commander Adnan a-Damiri publicly condemned the murder, and promised to bring the killers to justice.

'Honor' Killings in Gaza, Israel

In similar news, an “honor” murder was reported in Gaza on Thursday, while in Israel a man was indicted for murdering his daughter in an alleged “honor” killing.

In Gaza, police found the body of 21-year-old Sadia abu-Saad. The young woman's father admitted to killing her in order to “preserve family honor.” Abu-Saad is the seventh person to be murdered in Gaza for reasons of “family honor” since the beginning of 2009.

In Israel, Issam Nijam of Beit Jan was charged Thursday with murdering his daughter due to her desire to marry a man she had chosen. The father disapproved of the match, and in late May, shot his daughter seven times as the two argued. He then drove to a local police station and confessed to the crime.