FBI - charged with defaming Muslims
FBI - charged with defaming MuslimsIsrael News Photo: (FBI seal)

The National Association of Muslim American Women (NAMAW) has charged the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) with entrapping four New York City Muslims arrested for planning to bomb a synagogue.

The cell was nabbed last week after a year-long police dragnet that involved an informant, who the Times of London reported probably is Shahed Hussain, a former New York state motel owner. He began collaborating with the FBI in 2002 to avoid deportation to Pakistan after being arrested on charges of fraud.

NAMAW appealed to the Justice Department to investigate the case, accusing the FBI of plotting to entrap the cell as part of a campaign against Muslims. It said that the FBI is “creating the illusion that all Muslims are either terrorists or potential terrorists, thereby substantiating the use of racial and religious profiling on Muslims and Arabs.

“The FBI, posing as Al Qaeda-backed militants to brainwash and coax 'vulnerable' men into the walking trap of their own foiled terrorist plot, causes grave concern to the representatives of Muslims in American society," the organization said in a statement.

Police and federal investigators, after tracking the cell, sold them fake bombs and a phony Stinger missile that the four men planned to use to attack two Jewish buildings, including a synagogue, and a National Guard air base.

The cell wanted to create “a fireball that would make the country gasp, “according to a police officer.

The Muslim women’s group, which previously has asked for a probe of Jewish lobby groups for allegedly spreading hate messages, claimed that one of those arrested has been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. They also charged that the FBI informant “persuaded these men into believing that their religion obligated them to carry out acts of violence in the United States in retaliation for U.S. war crimes being carried out in the Muslim world.'

Terence Kindlon, a lawyer who defended the last terror suspect to be tried in New York State, told the Times of London, “It is almost as if the FBI cooked up the plot and found four idiots to install as defendants.”

Referring to nearly 100 law enforcement officers involved n the arrests, he added, “Did they really need all those men in ninja suits with M16 rifles to arrest four idiots? Somewhere, someone in Al-Qaeda must be laughing.”