MK Taleb a-Sana
MK Taleb a-SanaIsrael News Photo: Flash 90

MK Taleb a-Sana (Ra'am Ta'al) expressed opposition Sunday to a planned speech from Professor Sam Solomon, a former Muslim scholar who converted to Christianity. Solomon, who now lectures on the dangers of radical Islam, plans to speak in the Knesset on Monday.

Sana denounced the planned lecture as “incitement against Islam,” and called Solomon a “provocateur.” He also insulted Ichud Leumi (National Union) MK Aryeh Eldad, who invited Solomon to speak, calling him “a frustrated politician who is acting irresponsibly.”

"There are millions of Muslims who would be happy to explain the true nature of Islam,” Sana said in a message to his fellow MKs. “There's no reason to hear a lecture on this topic from a person who suffers a sense of inferiority and left his faith.”

Sana called on MKs to boycott the speech.

Eldad invited Solomon to speak about Islamic Jihad. He also invited Nigerian politician David Jang, whose country has lost thousands in clashes between Muslims and Christians.

Solomon is a former Islamic scholar (Imam) who served as a religious leader in Khartoum. He fled to Britain after converting to Christianity, and has since been active in attempting to prevent the spread of Muslim law (Sharia) in Britain. He has been accused of disparaging Islam for calling the faith “intolerant” and lacking forgiveness.