Soldiers guard area after attack
Soldiers guard area after attackIsrael National News photo: Flash 90

Arab terrorists killed two Israeli traffic policemen Sunday evening near Moshav Massua in an apparent drive-by shooting in the Jordan Valley between Beit She’an and Jericho. The victims’ squad car overturned after the terrorists shot them in head. Medical officials say one victim died as a result of injuries suffered by the car overturning.

Different terrorist groups took responsibility for the attack, the first in the Jordan Valley since January. Fatah-Tanzim terrorists initially were quoted as saying they carried out the murders, but an unknown group called the Imad Mughniyeh Squad later said it was behind the attack. The cell is named after the Hizbullah terrorist mastermind who was assassinated a year ago in Damascus. The unknown group said the attack was "in response to the crimes of occupation against the Palestinian people."

The murders occurred at the same time that two Israeli officials were concluding talks in Egypt on agreement by which Israel would free hundreds of murderers and others terrorists in exchange for kidnapped IDF soldier Gilad Shalit, who is presumed to be alive and physically well after nearly 1,000 days of captivity.

The Almagor terror victims’ group responded to the attack with a statement that “the terrorists who carried out tonight’s attack can rest easy. According to the present policy, even if they are caught they will soon be released. This message from government ministers - in addition to the recent gestures which included removal of roadblocks, enabling free traffic from Ramallah and Shechem to the Jordan Valley roads - was the deadly cocktail that led to the unnecessary deaths of the two Israelis.”

Ichud Leumi (National Union) Knesset Member Uri Ariel and Yesha Council Chairman Danny Dayan also condemned that government’s “good will” measures that allow terrorists to travel freely and make it easier for them to attack Israelis.