Bolton: Obama "bad news for Israel"
Bolton: Obama "bad news for Israel"Israel News Photo

The Obama government’s thinking that Arab-Israeli peace is the key to Mideast stability “is bad news for Israel - and for America," former United States Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton wrote in the New York Post on Friday

Bolton said that President Barack Obama and his advisors have adopted the theory that the “overwhelming bulk of other Middle Eastern grievances, wholly or partly, stem from Israel's founding and continued existence.”

He based his argument on the appointment of George C. Mitchell as the special U.S. envoy to the Middle East and statements by United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that the “two-state solution” should be put into place “sooner rather than later.”

Naming Mitchell as the representative of the president and not of the secretary of state “underlines both the issue's priority in the president's eyes and the implicit idea it can be solved in the foreseeable future,” according to Bolton.

He questioned Mitchell and President Obama’s desire to force an Israeli-PA agreement as a “basis for further ‘progress.’”

Bolton charged Secretary Clinton with taking a “very European view" in a statement that a new Arab country within Israel’s current borders is “inescapable.”

“Accordingly, the Obama administration has created a negotiating dynamic that puts increasing pressure on Israel, Palestinians, Syria and others.” Bolton wrote.

“Almost invariably, Israel is the loser - because Israel is the party most dependent on the United States, most subject to U.S. pressure and most susceptible to the inevitable chorus of received wisdom from Western diplomats, media and the intelligentsia demanding concessions. When pressure must be applied to make compromises, it is always easier to pressure the more reasonable side.

“How will diplomatic pressure work to change Hamas or Hizbullah, where even military force has so far failed? If anything, one can predict coming pressure on Israel to acknowledge the legitimacy of these two terrorist groups, and to negotiate with them as equals (albeit perhaps under some artful camouflage).”

He maintained that the Obama approach is backwards and that it should focus on Iran and friendly Arab states instead of thinking incorrectly that the Iranian nuclear threat and the Al Qaeda terrorist network will disappear following the creation of a PA state.