Closed circuit video shows the attack by an Arab tractor driver last Thursday -- the third of its kind in Jerusalem in a single year. 

The video is featured at the bottom of this article.

The footage shows the tractor pushing a police car it had just overturned and the near-immediate response by armed policemen and citizens, who shot the driver dead.

One of the civilian shooters who stopped the tractor terror attack in Jerusalem Thursday is a rabbi/educator ('Ram') at Horev Yeshiva. The security camera footage showed the man pointing his gun at the terrorist although it is not clear if he fired it.

Arutz 7 reported that the shooter asked not to reveal his identity. In all three previous terror attacks in Jerusalem – two tractor attacks and the murder at Mercaz HaRav – knit-kippah men were involved in neutralizing the attackers.

SOS-Israel announced that it would be giving an NIS 1,800 prize and a “hero of Israel” certificate to another shooter in the incident -- a taxi driver.

Two police officers, along with the rabbi and a taxi driver stopped the tractor terrorist from carrying out what he hoped would be a murderous rampage on Jerusalem's Menachem Begin Highway Thursday afternoon.

The tractor terrorist dragged the police car and smashed it into a metal post and a bus. The bus was carrying a group of girls who had dressed up as 'medical clowns' to a children's ward in a hospital where they were about to entertain the sick children.

Site of the attack was on the highway itself

Israel News Photo: Flash 90
Scene of latest Arab tractor terror attack.

Israel News Photo: Flash 90
Girls from the bus comfort each other.

Israel News Photo: Flash 90
Security camera footage of the attack (from