Maadanot, a company which specializes in frozen dough products, has begun collecting most of its products from supermarket shelves. The move comes after tests showed a risk that products were infected with the Listeria germ, which could cause a rare but lethal infection called listeriosis.

The company began recalling some of its products Sunday. These include Pizza Maadanot, Pizza Makpitza, Pizza Nisimiko, garlic sticks and pies. It issued a statement informing concerned customers that the Listeria germs are destroyed in the process of oven-baking, but that it is recalling the products anyway. Customers who purchased the products are asked to refrain from eating them.

A test described as “routine” found, however, that the danger of the presence of Listeria exists in a wider range of products than initially believed.

Maadanot is therefore recalling all of its flaky pastry products, including burekas, jahnoun, and malawah with expiry dates from June 11, 2010 to July 25, 2010, as well as additional products.

The company stated that it is recalling the products “in order to be extra-careful and out of responsibility towards the consumers,” and that it intends to supply fresh products to the selling points as soon as possible.

Additional information is available at telephone 1-800-282-844.

Listeriosis is particularly dangerous to pregnant women, newborn babies, elderly people and people with a weak immune system.