2nd Lieutenant Aharon Karov
2nd Lieutenant Aharon KarovIsrael News Photo

Rabbi Ze'ev Karov, whose son was critically injured in Gaza the day after his wedding, urged Israelis to continue praying and fighting and return the destroyed Jewish communities to Jews.

His son, Second Lieutenant Aharon [Aharon Yehoshua ben Chava Shoshana], learned at a yeshiva in Gush Katif when he was among those expelled from Netzarim three years ago.


"It is very difficult, as you can imagine; it's not simple -- not for us, his parents, and not for his new wife," said Rabbi Karov, Head of the Karnei Shomron yeshiva high school. "But this is how a war is, you know it can happen even if you suppress it, but it's obvious it can happen."

The family and friends have requested that everyone pray for the health and recovery of his son, and the father also has a message for the government: "I think that all the soldiers in the field want this; we even heard this from parents who suffered the greatest loss of all, and we hear this from the wounded and all parts of society: 'Don’t stop.'"