Hamas-affiliated guerrillas
Hamas-affiliated guerrillasIsrael News Photo: Flash 90

The Hamas terrorist organization has reportedly executed several Gaza residents accused of passing information to Israel. The victims were accused of helping the IAF conduct air strikes and IDF ground forces carry out assassinations in Gaza.

Among those killed were three brothers, all of whom were executed in public.  A fourth brother was murdered by Hamas supporters earlier in the week after they escaped a prison run by the guerrilla group.

A total of six Gaza residents were executed by Hamas since last week, all of whom were accused of being collaborators. A spokesman for Hamas said that all of those who were killed had confessed to the charges against them.

Gaza Terrorists Forcing Residents at Gunpoint to Face IDF

"Hamas has no regard for human life," IDF Major Peter Lerner, head of Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) told Israel National News.

"We have had reports of Palestinians being held at gunpoint in order to put them at the front, in order to increase the number of Palestinian casualties on the Gaza side," Lerner said. "Hamas is doing it all the time."

According to intelligence reports, he added, the terrorists are stopping Gaza residents from evacuating their homes in order to flee the fighting. "Hamas is not letting them go," he said. "They want to increase the numbers of wounded and dead Palestinians for the cameras."

IDF Warned Residents to Flee Combat Areas

Israel made a special effort before beginning ground operations to warn residents to get out of the way and move to safer areas in order to reduce the number of civilian casualties.

The IDF made some 90,000 cell phone calls to Gaza residents, broadcasting a warning message in Arabic to let them know that military forces were approaching their area.

Flyers written in Arabic were also dropped on targeted areas of conflict as well prior to operations, telling residents to leave the area because Israeli forces were planning to attack terrorist targets in the neighborhood.

Hamas Guerrillas Stealing Humanitarian Aid

Hamas terrorists have also been stealing the food, medical supplies, medicines and other items shipped into Gaza for the impoverished residents by international aid organizations.

At least two convoys of aid trucks were hijacked by Hamas terrorists in the past several days, one carrying fuel and the other carrying basic food commodities and medical supplies. The trucks were seized by Hamas and allied terrorist forces as they entered Gaza through the Kerem Shalom Crossing.

Sources have said that Hamas takes a cut of all international aid that arrives in Gaza through the crossings. Supplies that are not kept are sold to the residents that were meant to receive them for free, in order to raise money for Hamas terrorist operations.

According to Lerner, some 49 truckloads of humanitarian aid entered Gaza on Tuesday. Kerem Shalom has the capacity to process a total of 100 truckloads of supplies per day, he explained. "We usually work during daylight hours; from 8:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. we load and offload the supplies on to the Palestinian side. That is the amount of time it takes to load 100 trucks." He noted that security concerns had prevented the transfer of supplies on Sunday, but that hundreds of truckloads of aid had been delivered the week before.