IDF Chief Rabbi Avi Ronsky came to the Gaza front lines Sunday night in full war gear to bless Israel's soldiers moments before they entered battle. Rabbi Ronsky served as a former commander in an elite combat unit and fought in the Yom Kippur War.

Rabbis throughout Israel and the Diaspora have asked the public to recite daily prayers and Psalms for the success of Israel's troops. Israel National News has added English subtitles to the video below of Rabbi Ronsky blessing the troops so that viewers can pray together with the IDF Chief Rabbi for the success of the Gaza operation to halt terrorism. [Answer "Amen" after the Chief Rabbi's prayer.]

Email readers, click here to view the video and pray for Israeli troops

In conjunction with the instruction of Israel's spiritual leaders, please link to this page to enable viewers to pray together with the Chief Rabbi of the Israel Defense Forces at the Gaza front lines once a day.