Speaking to a gathering of students Tuesday night, the elder Kabbalist, Rabbi Eliyahu Leon Levi of Bnei Brak, warned that the war against Hamas should not be taken lightly.

"The Hamas has long-range Grad missiles that are aimed at our country’s strategic facilities," he stated. "The threat is a life and death danger for the people of Israel. Imagine the catastrophe if a nuclear facility was damaged, causing the release of radioactivity in the air. People must be awakened to the severity of the danger and the Israeli army must strike at the enemy with its full force, without any mercy and external considerations."

Kabbalist Elder Eliyahu Leon Levi (left) with Chief Rabbi of Israel Yona Metzger

On several occasions, Rabbi Leon tipped off the Israeli military about threats to the country's security. Years ago, the kabbalist elder revealed the existence of an extensive network of underground tunnels both on the Egyptian-Gaza border and in the Gaza Strip. On another occasion, the Rabbi alerted Colonel Moti Yogev who in turn reported to the Israel Air Force of the approach of an enemy ship, stockpiled with arms and missiles, on the way to Gaza. The air force checked out the ship, and Rabbi Leon's report was found to be accurate. The threat was dealt with.

Rabbi Levy said that Gaza had become stockpiled with tens of thousands of missiles, like Lebanon. "Air force strikes are of limited effectiveness," he declared. The Hamas has built a massive network of deep underground storage facilities, fortified with layers of concrete." He said the missiles came from Iran, by way of Egypt. Once in Egypt, the missiles are transported by trucks to the border of Gaza, where they are smuggled into Gaza in small vehicles via a two-kilometer underground highway. "In this fashion," he explained, "Hamas is being supplied with an unlimited arsenal of weapons and supplies. Only ground forces can destroy this secret supply route, by locating the tunnels and blowing them up, even if it means casualties to our troops. This ground operation has to be carried out now, before it is too late," he warned. 

To support his forecast, he reminded the gathering of a miracle during the first Gulf War, during a prayer gathering of hundreds in Herzliya, a short distance away from the central gas storage facility, Glilot. During the prayers, the Rabbi said he “received a spiritual fax,” that a rocket was on the way. In the words of Avraham Ben Shushan from Kiryat Arba who attended the prayer rally, "Rabbi Leon suddenly announced that a rocket was headed towards the area and that everyone should disperse and find cover." Moments thereafter, the sirens sounded and a missile landed nearby. “They were aiming for the gas storage facility,” Rabbi Leon said, “But our prayers knocked the missile off course.”

In addition, he said, “You don’t have to be a prophet to see the increasing sympathy for Hamas on the part of the Arabs in Israel. Danger threatens us from without and within.”

Rabbi Leon said that every Jew had to enlist in the fight. “Those of us who are not in the army must become spiritual soldiers with the same day-and-night spirit of sacrifice and sense of duty as our boys in uniform. It is our prayers that give fuel to our fighter planes and tanks and direct our missiles on course.”

Rabbi Leon listed several spiritual offensives: In our battle against the Hamas, the Jewish people in Israel must unite by judging all Jews in a scale of merit, even blatant sinners. Even those who seem to transgress unwittingly out of compulsion, because of a lack of Jewish education and the cultural pollution of the times, we must view them with love and judge them favorably, the Rabbi urged.

He also called upon students to increase supplications for salvation, including the tearful nightly recital of “Tikun Hatzot,” the special midnight lament.

Especially important, he emphasized, was the upcoming “Shovavim” period, when for six weeks congregations will gather all over Israel for special prayers, called “Tikun HaYesod,” over sexual transgressions.

“It is well known that our enemies arise against us due to our sins,” he reminded the crowd. “By each and every one of us doing deep, heartfelt repentance, we can uproot and cancel the harsh decree. Through fervently praying with all of our souls, begging G-d to forgive us for the sins which have brought this cruel enemy upon us, we can influence the situation on the ground. Just as the united prayers of the Jewish people have brought us rain, so too they can save us from the present danger.”