Spent short range ('Kassam') rocket.
Spent short range ('Kassam') rocket.photo: file

Six Gaza Arabs, including four children, were injured by rockets that were fired at Israel from Gaza in the past three days. The rockets fell short of their marks and hit Arab controlled territory.

The wounds of three of the children who were injured in this way were described as serious. The Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) said it "remains deeply concerned over the reoccurrence of such incidents that are part of the state of security chaos and misuse of weapons" in the Palestinian Authority.

A PCHR investigation found that at approximately 16:15 this past Monday, three-year-old Myassar Mousa Wahdan was injured in the abdomen and chest and her five-year-old brother, Mohammed, was injured in the head by shrapnel from a locally produced rocket that was fired by members of a neighboring terror group.

The rocket fell on agricultural land near Beit Hanoun Agriculture College, north of the town of Beit Hanoun in northern Gaza. The two children were promptly transferred to Beit Hanoun Hospital for treatment. Medical sources described the wounds of Myassar as serious and reported that she was admitted to the intensive care unit. The wounds of Mohammed were described as moderate. 

Be 'far away from civilians'

In another incident, at approximately 17:30 this past Sunday, Hanan Sohwail, 32, was lightly wounded by shrapnel to the right hand when a locally produced rocket exploded near her house in al-Zaytoun quarter in Beit Hanoun. She was immediately taken to Beit Hanoun Hospital for treatment.

At approximately 14:40 on Saturday, a locally produced rocket fired by members of the Palestinian resistance fell near a group of children who were playing in a side street, east of the industrial zone and west of Beit Hanoun. Shrapnel from the rocket wounded two children. The two children were taken to Beit Hanoun Hospital for treatment and then transferred to the intensive care unit at Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, since their wounds were serious. The two children were identified as Sari Mana’a al-Sama’ana, 9, and Safi 'Eid al-Sama’ana, 8.

PCHR said it is "gravely concerned over increasing casualties resulting from the misuse of weapons, which is part of the state of security chaos prevailing in the [PA]." It called upon the concerned authorities to investigate these attacks and bring the perpetrators to justice. PCHR also called upon "Palestinian resistance groups" to be "far away from civilian populated area when conducting military actions."