An IDF soldier who resides in Samaria is accused of opposing a forced eviction in the town of Adei-Ad and insulting evicting soldiers, according to the Yediot Acharonot newspaper. The soldier was indicted on Monday for allegedly attacking a police officer.

Prosecutors say the soldier insulted evicting soldiers, calling them “Nazis” and telling them they would not be forgiven. “You won't have a portion in the World to Come,” he reportedly warned one evicting officer.

According to the indictment, the soldier was on his way to his base, where he serves with the IDF rabbinate, when he heard that soldiers and border police were evicting Jews from a structure in the Samaria village of Adei-Ad. He sent a message to his commanding officer saying he would not arrive at the base on time and began traveling to Adei-Ad instead.

When the soldier arrived at the scene of the expulsion, officers warned him that he was forbidden by IDF law to oppose the eviction, according to the indictment. The soldier allegedly said, “I don't care about that, and I don't care about the General. I'm defending the Land of Israel.”

The soldier has been accused of entering a closed military zone and throwing rocks at police officers. His attorney argued Monday that the soldier did not realize the eviction area was a closed military zone, and said the soldier was not involved in throwing rocks.

Prosecutors asked the court to keep the soldier in prison during his trial. The soldier has a history of opposition to forced evictions and could be dangerous, they said. IDF Judge Rachel Tevet-Wiesel ruled to extend the soldier's remand until December 29.