Leftist Draft Dodgers Probed
Leftist Draft Dodgers Probed

The IDF requested the investigation against the New Profile organization, which explains to potential soldiers how to act to prove they are unfit psychologically to serve in the armed forces. Reports the past few years have showed that secular Jews, and not hareidi religious Jews who study Torah, are a fast growing sector that avoids the draft.

New Profile leader Sergei Sandler insisted the group's activities are legal. He is an activist and a former conscientious objector who was jailed for a brief period more than 15 years ago for refusing to serve in the IDF.

New Profile lists several peace and feminist activists groups as co-sponsors as well as the Bread for the World group, a collective Christian voice that states its charter is to fight hunger and poverty. Other cooperating organizations are the Quakers of Britain and the Coalition for Women for Peace.

Its charters states, "We, a group of feminist women and men, are convinced that we need not live in a soldiers' state…. While taught to believe that the country is faced by threats beyond its control, we now realize that the words 'national security' have often masked calculated decisions to choose military action for the achievement of political goals.

"We are no longer willing to take part in such choices. We will not go on enabling them by obediently, uncritically supplying soldiers to the military which implements them….  We regard Israeli conscription law as discriminatory and non-democratic."

Sandler said that the probe is "contains an element of persecution."