A new organization named Kulanu ("all of us"), which aims to unite the national-religious factions into one party, held its first conference in Jerusalem on Wednesday. Kulanu intends to establish a committee that will create a system through which members of the new party will be chosen.

Rabbi Elyakim Levanon of Elon Moreh said at the conference: "This council needs to be not just an entity that elects Knesset Members or creates the infrastructure for election of the party's candidates. It must accompany the Knesset Members with consultation, advice and guidance."

The unification initiative calls on members of the splintered national-religious camp to learn to work side by side with other people who share their ideals but disagree on methods, priorities, nuances and style.

"Everyone lifts his flag and says - only this way!" Levanon explained the problem emotionally. "If the other deviate by a millimeter to the left or to the right they are not willing to listen. The others become the enemies of the vision."