The IDF announced Saturday night that a terrorist who was killed following an attack on an Israeli civilian on July 7 was the head of a Hamas foundation. The terrorist's identity was released after a delay of nearly two weeks.

According to a statement issued by the IDF, 48-year-old Mahmoud O'ttaman Mahmoud A'azi was the head of the Islamic Charity Foundation in his village, Qarawaat Bani Hassan. The organization was a local source of funding for Hamas terrorist activities.

A'azi had in the past also been among the heads of Hamas in the Samaria region.

He was shot and killed by IDF soldiers after he and other terrorists ambushed an Israeli civilian as he drove by the group on a road in northern Samaria.

IDF Soldiers Kill Syrian Drug Smuggler

A Syrian drug smuggler was killed and another was wounded by IDF soldiers early Saturday morning after they were spotted infiltrating the Syrian border into the Golan Heights. Two Israeli citizens from the Druze village of Majdal Shams in the Golan were also arrested in connection with the incident a short time later.

The soldiers were on routine patrol when they spotted the smugglers, according to an IDF spokesman. The troops discovered a large quantity of drugs, including cocaine and heroin, after the arrests. The wounded man was taken to a nearby Israeli hospital.