Gaza terrorists shelled the Karni Crossing on Monday in another violation of the Egyptian-brokered "ceasefire" that went into effect on June 19.

Two explosions resulting from the mortar fire rocked the crossing, where a large conveyor belt is used to deliver massive amounts of various grains and animal feed to Gaza.

There were no reports of injuries or damage from the site of the attack, which was close to Gaza City.

"We identified that a mortar round was fired from northern Gaza," said the IDF spokesman. "It landed south of Karni in Israeli territory."

The Hamas terrorist organization, which took over Gaza in June 2007, claimed late Sunday that it had "recently" arrested an operative who fired a Kassam rocket at Israel, and vowed to continue to enforce the truce. This, despite many rocket-firings into Israel since the ceasefire went into effect.

An Open-and-Shut Case

On Sunday Defense Minister Ehud Barak authorized the opening of all Gaza crossings, despite a Kassam rocket attack fired by local terrorists at Israeli civilians as recently as Friday.  He ordered them closed again on Monday after the latest violation, but re-opened them early Tuesday at Egyptian request.

The crossings were closed for several days last week due to numerous violations of the Egyptian-brokered tahadiyeh, or "temporary truce," with Hamas.

Following threats by the terrorist group to break off negotiations for the release of kidnapped IDF Cpl. Gilad Shalit if the crossings were not reopened, Barak backed off.