The Hazon David synagogue outside Hevron was rebuilt for the 33rd time Tuesday night - as noted by U.S. Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice.

IDF forces had destroyed the synagogue, located along Worshipers' Path between Kiryat Arba and Hevron, on Monday night.  The government considers it an "unauthorized outpost."

Just a day later, on Tuesday evening, Jewish residents of the area rebuilt it - and this time even larger than before.  One of the walls features a giant Jewish star (Magen David). 

The synagogue was first built in mid-2001 following the terrorist murders of Chezi Mualem and David Cohen.  It was allowed to stand for several days, after which the army razed it - beginning the destroy-rebuild pattern that has continued for no fewer than seven years.  The last destruction was on the 41st anniversary of the liberation of Hevron by the IDF from Jordanian forces.

"Because of the army's insensitivity in razing a synagogue on the day we commemorate the liberation of Hevron," said one Kiryat Arba Jew, "we decided that we would build even bigger this time... The army is bothered by the fact that there are some 'rebels' here. They see that we are stubborn and firm, and that we are not willing to compromise."

Rice: Not Four, Just Three

As dusk approached, the city's Chief Rabbi Dov Lior and Mayor Tzvi Katzover gathered with the builders for the afternoon prayer.  The particpants were treated to particular gratification, Yehudit Katzover later said, "when we were told by informed sources that Olmert told [US Secretary of State] Condoleeza [Rice], 'We destroyed four outposts,' and she answered, 'No, only three - Hazon David has been rebuilt.'"