The tombs of biblical Jewish Leaders Joshua ben Nun and Caleb ben Yefuneh were open to the Jewish public on Thursday May 1st. Joshua led the Jewish People after the death of Moses to conquer and settle the Land of Israel.

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Caleb and Joshua were the only two of the 12 spies sent on a reconnaissance mission to Israel (Numbers, Chap. 13) who brought back a positive report about the Land to the nation.

The tombs, which are located 20 miles east of Tel Aviv in the Arab village of Timnat Haras, are open to Jews only three or four times a year. Thursday corresponded with the 26th day of the Hebrew month of Nissan which is the anniversary of Joshua's death.

Thousands of Jews, secular and religious, flocked to the site in order to recite psalms and prayers of gratitude at the tombs.

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