US-trained PA forces
US-trained PA forces

The Palestinian Authority’s newest force will make its debut in the Samarian city of Jenin, about a 20 minute ride north of the first official deployment of the US-trained PA police force in Shechem.

Some 620 PA troops will take their positions after graduating special training in Jordan under the watchful eyes of US Army officials.

For the first time, hand-picked PA Arab “soldiers” were told bluntly by a PA Arab leader that their loyalty was to the PA alone; not to any one leader, but to the entity itself. 

They were also warned for the first time that they must avoid conflict with Israel.

The PA had originally requested the force to be stationed in Hevron, where Hamas has developed a strong presence. However, Israel rejected the request due to the equally strong nature of the Jewish community in the city, which is holy to Jews and which is home to the Cave of the Patriarchs, burial place of the Jewish forefathers and mothers.

The Jewish community in Hevron has frequently come under terrorist attack from PA Arabs.  Several of the attacks have been perpetrated by members of the official PA police force, albeit not carried out officially.