The holiday of Purim which falls today and Saturday is one of Judaism's most joyous holidays. Arutz Sheva presents a Purim satire piece:

The Israeli government and the leaders of 22 Arab states have agreed to implement a revolutionary agreement, known as the Purim Accord, in which they switch sides: Israelis will occupy the territories of 22 Arab countries currently in existence, and the Arabs from those countries will move to Israel. The accord was brokered by U.S. President George W. Bush, who called it "a humungous step forwards, for humanity and for people in general."

The agreement, a draft of which was initialed by the parties Friday morning, is the result of secret negotiations that began during the Annapolis conference last November. IsraelNationalNews has learned that the talks that were held in Jerusalem and Ramallah between Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni and PA negotiators were just a ruse to throw the media off the scent of the real story: all this time, Israeli, American and Arab negotiation teams have been hammering out the true accord in an underground bunker in Annapolis, Maryland, with occasional breaks for table tennis and kosher shawarma.

Refugees: moving to southern Tel Aviv

Medina for Dimona

Arabs will be allowed to keep Mecca and Medina for themselves. In return, the Jews will retain control of Dimona, which holds a textile plant they hold sacred.

The first five years of the accord's implementation will involve the accelerated construction of high-rise towers to hold the large Arab population that will move into Israel. Arab villages will cease building private two- and three-story houses, and will utilize their land reserves for building skyscrapers.

Queen Rania: diamonds are a girl's best friend.

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, who was the moving spirit behind the negotiations, told news agencies that the new arrangement will not be limited in time. The idea behind the accord is simple, he said: "We Arabs have seen that territory is not the problem. After all, the Israeli economy is stronger than that of any Arab state, despite the fact that the Jews have such a small sliver of land. It is barely visible on the globe!", he said, chuckling. "We want the Jews to experience the humiliation of being occupied by a colonial power, and so we will switch sides willingly. We are sure that after only a few years of this arrangement, the Jews will ask for Tel Aviv back and give us what we want."

Qaddafi gets his way

Diplomatic sources in Jerusalem told IsraelNationalNews that the secret talks at Annapolis hit a snag in January when Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi demanded that Libya be given control of the Israeli fashion industry. Qaddafi, whose flair for stylish outfits is well known, was adamant that no other Arab country be given a foothold in this sector. His demand led to some tension with Jordan's King Abdullah who had promised his wife Queen Rania control of the lucrative fashion trade. In the end, Rania settled for control of the Diamond Exchange in Ramat Gan.

A pleased Muammar Qadaffi

One unsolved problem still threatens the accord's implementation: Israel's leftist population, represented at the talks by author Amos Oz,  is unwilling to move into Arab countries, because it considers the option "immoral." On the other hand, it is adamant that it will not stay in the former Israel with the Arabs, for reasons it declined to specify. A possible solution for this conundrum may be in the works, however: the leftists seem receptive to the possibility of relocating to the territory of Sodom, near the Dead Sea, which will be placed under U.N. control. Negotiations are currently focusing on the question of how many TV channels the leftist paradise will have and on the number of housekeepers and masseurs who will be allocated to former Supreme Court justices and theater directors.

Meretz neighborhood

Sodom's main income is expected to pour in from a diamond-studded multi-level cinema complex which will feature 24 hour screenings of movies about evil Israeli soldiers who fall in love with Arab women.

A special, exclusive neighborhood will be constructed for Jewish Meretz Party voters, whose numbers are currently estimated at about 2,000 strong (including the Olmert clan). Meretz head Chaim Oron is demanding a guarantee that no Arabs or hareidi-religious Jews ever visit the neighborhood or come within 10 kilometers of it.

Official celebration of the accord will begin next week, once Jews recover from the Purim festivities. Purim is celebrated by the Jews with wine, song, costumes and silly pranks.