Hamas PM Haniyeh
Hamas PM Haniyeh

The Israel Air Force demolished the office of Hamas PA Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh in a Gaza air strike Sunday morning.

The Hamas chief’s office was razed by three missiles from IAF helicopters during the pre-dawn hours. The building was empty at the time. Another office of Haniyeh’s, as well as a guard post outside his home, have been targeted over the last week.

The bodyguard of Hamas Foreign Minister Mahmoud a-Zahar was also killed in one of several air strikes over the weekend.

Names of Fallen Soldiers Released

The soldiers who were killed while taking part in Gaza counter-terror operations were St. Sgt. Doron Assulin of Be'er Sheva and St. Sgt. Eran Dan-Gur of Jerusalem. Assulin’s funeral will take place at 3 PM in his home town and Dan-Gur will be buried on Mt. Herzl in Jerusalem at noon.