The defense establishment in Israel is preparing for possible Hamas mass-marches towards Israel. 

Sources in the defense network say Hamas might try to turn its scheduled human-chain event on Monday night into a rush on the border fence between Gaza and Israel.  The IDF is preparing for this eventuality, though it does not consider the chances of it happening as high.

Hamas announced the rally - a human-chain over 50 kilometers (30 miles) long from northern Gaza to southern Gaza - as a protest against what it calls Israel's continued blockade of Gaza.

Israeli sources say that with essential services in Hamas-run Gaza essentially non-existent, Hamas has an interest in provoking Israel into a response that could then be negatively portrayed on the international media.  A rush of Arabs towards the security fence might force Israel to fire at them.

A special security consultation will be held this evening, with the participation of IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi and Southern Command officers.

Kassam Rockets

Hamas terrorists in Gaza attacked Israel with two Kassam rockets Sunday afternoon.  One landed in the western Negev, and the other in PA territory, causing no damage.  Earlier on Sunday, three or four other Kassams were fired at Israel, including one or two that landed in Sderot.  No damage was caused.

Hamas vs. Fatah

Meanwhile, in Samaria, Fatah is on the defensive after a top Hamas official died in Palestinian Authority prison.  The dead man, Hamas religious cleric Majd al-Barghouti, either died of a heart attack, as Fatah claims, or after being tortured in prison, as his family claims.

Thousands of Hamas supporters took part in his funeral on Sunday.  They chanted that Fatah prime minister Salam Fayyad is a "scaredy-cat and an "American agent."  They further called on the Iz a-Din al Kassam terrorist brigades to avenge Barghouti's death.