Released terrorists often return to terrorism
Released terrorists often return to terrorismArchive

Meir Indor, who tracks the release of terrorist prisoners and their return to terror activity, warns against the impending release of the brother of a recent murderous suicide terrorist.

Indor, who heads the Jerusalem-based Almagor Terror Victims Association, has called upon Justice Minister Daniel Friedmann not to release Hevron-area terrorist Muatu Hirbuye from prison when his sentence ends two weeks from now.  Hirbuye is the brother of one of the two suicide terrorists who murdered a woman in Dimona this week.

Keep Him in Jail, or Expel Him

"The fact that his suicide terrorist brother was released from Israeli prison and became a living bomb," Indor wrote to Friedmann, "and the fact that their mother praised their murderous acts, shows that this is a dangerous family that was brought up to murder.  Israel cannot afford to take chances, and must take protective steps against the younger brother - such as administrative detention or expulsion to an Arab country."

Almagor also demands that the mother be indicted for her words of incitement and encouragement of terrorism, which are against the law. 

"The old system of destroying terrorists' homes was very effective in the past," Almagor says, "and should be resumed."  The practice was reduced greatly after the establishment of the Palestinian Authority.

The suicide terrorists have been elevated to "holy martyr" status in the Palestinian Authority.