Sderot and the western Negev are under attack. Shortly before 8:00 Wednesday morning, a round of five rockets and shells were fired at Israel with one scoring a direct hit on a children's bedroom in a private residence. A child has been sleeping there shortly beforehand.

Three of the Kassams were fired towards Ashkelon.  Within two hours, another four had been fired, for a total of nine.

When the rocket landed on the house, three people were treated for shock, including the boy's mother.  She had run to safety in the building's shelter with her three-week-old baby.   

The boy's uncle, who arrived at the scene, tearfully told Army Radio, "It destroyed my young nephew's bed!  How much longer can we take this? How much longer can we remain strong!?  We feel abandoned!"

Two Kassams were fired towards Kibbutz Shaar HaNegev last night, causing no damage.

"Why Did Bush Bother Coming?"

A rabbi from the Sderot Yeshivat Hesder who lives very close to the building that was hit told Arutz-7, "I was in my room preparing for a class when I heard the Color Red warning alert.  Within seconds, I heard a tremendous boom right nearby.  It was very frightening.  It was known all along that the visit would bring this response - so why did he come? Instead of solving the problem by enabling Israel to fight the terrorists, he is making it worse!"

IDF Hits Terror Cell

An IDF force fired a rocket at a Kassam launching cell in northern Gaza earlier this morning, killing one terrorists and wounding six others, including two mortally.  An Islamic Jihad spokesman said the wounded terrorists managed to fire off several shells towards Israel before they were hit.