Ten Children in Shock After Kassam Slams Near School
Ten Children in Shock After Kassam Slams Near School

Ten children, and eight others, are suffering from trauma in the Negev city of Sderot after a Kassam rocket slammed down just 40 meters from an elementary school.  The attack occured around 11 AM.

One pupil reported that when the Color Red early warning system was sounded, his teacher told the class to remain in their seats because the class was reinforced.  However, when they heard the crash and realized how close it had hit, some students and teachers began crying.  The school's psychological and counseling staff is currently being bolstered with staff from other schools and nearby cities.

The fear that a Kassam could hit a crowded school had been on everyone's minds, and the realization that a major catastrophe had been so narrowly avoided was on everyone's mind.  Some parents arrived to pick up their children early. 

Two other Kassams were fired at the Negev earlier this morning, and another one landed near Ashkelon.  Several mortar shells were also fired, but no damage was caused in these attacks.

The IDF reports that 165 Kassam rockets and mortar shells have been fired at Israel - mostly Sderot and environs - just this month alone; this is an average of over eight rockets or shells per day.

IDF forces entered Gaza overnight in an anti-terror offensive, and killed four terrorists; three more were killed in the course of the day.  The forces were fired upon, and though no Israeli casualties were reported in the morning fighting, one soldier was moderately-to-seriously wounded in the course of the day.  Four others were treated for shock and minor injuries.

Precisely as the Kassam rocket landed near the school, Chief IDF Intelligence Officer Brig.-Gen. Halamish was speaking at a Tel Aviv University event, saying the IDF has no comprehensive solution to fight Kassam rockets. 

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