Palestinian Authority terrorists fired at least four rockets at Jewish towns in the Negev on Thursday evening. The latest barrage came following a government decision to authorize periodic and temporary power cuts to Gaza in retaliation for the ongoing rocket attacks.

The supply of electricity to towns in northern Gaza might be cut off during nighttime hours.

Residents of Gaza and the bombarded Israeli city of Sderot are waiting to see if Defense Minister Ehud Barak will follow through with the government's threat.

A total of at least 11 rockets were fired at towns in the western Negev since Thursday morning. No injuries were reported in the attacks, with some of them landing in open areas near targeted communities.

Earlier in the evening, spokesmen for the PA in Gaza, controlled by Hamas, complained that Defense Minister Barak's threats to cut electricity to Gaza, if carried out, would be a violation of human rights conventions. Barak has said that the supply of electricity to towns in northern Gaza might be cut off during nighttime hours in response to the ongoing attacks.

The current head of the Fatah-controlled half of the PA, centered in Ramallah, Salam Fayyad, also criticized the Israeli decision to cut power.  Fayyad called on the international community to prevent Israel from halting the supply of Israeli electricity to Gaza. 

One PA Terrorist Killed, One Captured

In a separate attempted attack, at least one terrorist was killed in northern Gaza on Thursday in a clash with IDF soldiers.

Soldiers stationed at an observation post looking into northern Gaza spotted two armed men approaching the perimeter fence. The two brought with them a carriage from which they removed two improvised explosive devices (IEDs) ready for detonation. Golani Brigade soldiers deployed on the ground charged the terrorists and prevented the sabotage and possible attack. One of the terrorists was taken captive by the Israeli forces and his collaborator was hit by IDF gunfire.

According to the Bethlehem-based Maan news agency, Islamic Jihad spokesmen later said that two of their terrorists were killed in the incident.

Illegal Migrants Arrested

Police arrested 44 Palestinian Authority Arabs in the Yiftach region on Thursday. The 44 do not hold Israeli citizenship and did not have permits to be in pre-1967 Israel. Police also arrested two of their employers. All 46 detainees are being questioned by local police.

Terrorist groups frequently use the cover afforded by PA laborers in Israel in order to bring their operatives into pre-1967 Israel. The infiltrators are either prepared for deployment as suicide bombers or they are assigned to carry out surveillance and gather intelligence about potential Israeli targets.