Israeli security forces stymied attempts by Palestinian Authority terrorists Saturday to kill Jewish citizens in the Jewish State.

An IDF patrol Saturday night uncovered a cache of terror weapons near Hevron. A bag with the weapons was discovered at the side of the road near the security fence in the area. IDF sappers detonated the weapons in a controlled explosion.

PA terrorists fired an anti-tank missile at IDF forces working near the Gaza border.

Terrorists fired 23 mortar shells at southern Israel, with only 10 actually reaching the western Negev. Thirteen other shells were fired but did not reach over the border, and landed on the Gaza side of the security fence.

Four Kassam rockets were also fired at targets in the western Negev. All exploded in open areas, but caused no damage and injured no one.

Further north, PA Arabs hurled rocks at an Israeli car traveling near the village of Sinjel north of Ramallah. There were no injuries, but damage to the car was reported.

On Friday, Palestinian Authority Arabs injured three Israelis in an afternoon rock attack in Hevron. The vehicle was damaged as well.

Also Friday, soldiers arrested an Arab who was found to be carrying a fake Israeli identity card at the Vered Jericho checkpoint in the Jordan Valley. A search of the car yielded a gun that intelligence sources said was to be used for a terror attack in Israel.