A Kassam rocket attack by Israel Palestinian Authority terrorists in Gaza reached the home of former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon Thursday afternoon. One rocket exploded near a sheep barn on Sharon’s Shikmim Ranch in the Negev.

The former Prime Minister remains unconscious at a Tel Aviv hospital after suffering a massive stroke a year and a half ago.

No injuries were reported in the Kassam attack.  The second rocket slammed into the western Negev city of Sderot, which has been the target of constant bombardment by terrorists in Gaza for the past seven years. No injuries or damage were reported in Sderot.

Sharon’s Legacy for Gaza Jews

According to Tzvia Shimon, the head of the Sela administration in charge of handling the evacuees, the total cost to the state of the Disengagement from Gaza will surpass NIS 20 billion.

In carrying out the 2005 Disengagement from Gaza and northern Samaria, thousands of IDF soldiers, Border Guard officer and black-uniformed “Yassam” special police personnel forcibly expelled over 8,000 Jews from their homes and destroyed the 25 towns in which they had lived for decades.

The average family expelled from Gaza will end up costing the state NIS 3 million, according to Sela. Only a small fraction of that figure will reach the refugees as compensation for permanent replacement housing, money for moving expenses and temporary housing.

There are also costs involved in purchasing new housing, replacement of farmland, businesses and other compensation – the cost for each of which continues to rise.

Final costs have yet to be determined because work has started on the construction of only two of the 24 new permanent communities for the expellees. Not a single family has yet to move into the permanent housing being prepared by the state.

Sharon’s Legacy for Gaza Arabs

Meanwhile, the Hamas terrorist organization continues to tighten its grip on Gaza in the wake of its bloody takeover of the region. 

Hamas has set up a navy patrol, armed with artillery from Gaza’s Mediterranean shoreline. The terrorist group does not have any vessels at this point.

Doctors and nurses in a Gaza hospital struck for two hours Thursday following the arrest by Hamas of a media official from the facility. Hamas militia terrorists arrested Dr. Jumah As Saka, the public relations officer for the Ash al-Shifa'a hospital, to a detention center in Gaza City, where he was interrogated. The terrorist organization acted after al-Saka refused a demand that he resign from his post.

Medical staff in the same hospital also walked off the job briefly on Wednesday to protest the firing of two Fatah-affiliated managers. The dozens of PA Arab doctors and nurses returned within hours.

Dr. Hazzaa Abed, one of the administrators,  was appointed by PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah faction to run the al-Shifa Hospital. He was ordered by a new hospital chief to resign from his post. The new director was hired by Hamas.