On the heels of the forced eviction of two Jewish families from Hevron’s Shalhevet neighborhood – four more Hevron families living in the area have received eviction notices.

In response to a petition by Peace Now, Israel’s Civil Administration has issued expulsion orders against four Jewish-held storefronts in the “triangle” marketplace area of the city, located in close proximity to the area where two Jewish families were expelled by the IDF on Tuesday.

Like the wholesale market, the triangle marketplace was built by Hevron’s Arabs on top of the ruins of the city’s Jewish Quarter after the city's Arabs murdered nearly all Jewish residents during the 1929 pogroms.

“Two years ago, the IDF, guided by the military prosecutor and state prosecutor, drafted a defense plan for Hevron’s Jewish community, whose aim was to reduce to a minimum the number of closed Palestinian stores in the area of the Jewish community while minimizing the danger to the Jews’ security. The plan was approved by all the professional and political echelons and was presented to the Supreme Court. The stores that Peace Now is now seeking our eviction from, are part of the tiny number of stores that will never be opened – in which six Jewish families now live.”

The Jewish Community of Hevron has appealed the expulsion orders, and a hearing on the matter will be heard in two weeks. Until then, the order is on hold.

Rabbi Ordered to Vacate Hevron With Trailer

Rabbi Danny Cohen, a Chabad-Lubavitch emissary to Hevron, received an eviction notice demanding he remove his mobile prayer structure from the city, WorldNetDaily reports.

Cohen teaches Torah and organizes prayer quorums for Hevron residents from his mobile trailer, which he parks in Hevron's Jewish neighborhood.  He told Shturem.net, a Chabad news site, "We were compelled to buy this mobile unit because it is forbidden to erect new structures in Hevron and now they want us to move his too.

"In Hebron one can witness outright discrimination. While Arabs have been building as much as they want, Jews are forbidden to build even the smallest structure. This mobile unit is not a permanent building and still the authorities ordered the emissaries not to use it in the city," Cohen said.

Activists to Visit Hevron, Show Support

A “Chizuk” (strengthening) trip to Hevron is planned for Friday, coordinated by the Women in Green movement.

“We must go to our brothers and sisters in Hevron, give them support and say to them: ‘We are with you,'” a Women in Green statement reads.

Activists plan to go to the city’s Avraham Avinu neighborhood with cakes for the adults and candies and toys for the children. Convoys of private vehicles will set out at 9 AM from the parking lot at the Gush Etzion Junction. For more information, call 050 577-7254.