“We have to replace the conception of a two-state solution – it is not relevant anymore,” former Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. (res.) Moshe Yaalon told Army Radio Thursday morning. “This is not pessimism, but realism. It is not practical to keep assuming it is the answer.”

“We are trying to find answers for the situation in Gaza without diagnosing the problem,” the previous IDF chief said. “What we are witnessing in Gaza is the establishment of a Jihadist Islamic society.”

Yaalon says that any talk of negotiations and withdrawing to the 1967 borders pushes peace farther away. “These are movements that are not interested in territorial issues between us and the Palestinians, but in other issues altogether. This was proven with the Disengagement and now is our opportunity to look and learn. It was a victory in their eyes for the global Jihad and gave strength to Hizbullah, Hamas and all the other Islamist groups.”

“Maybe we should therefore strengthen the moderates?” Army Radio’s Yael Dann asked Yaalon.

“I am not saying to sit and do nothing…but in the face of the wave of Jihad, any discussions of agreements are not relevant. Any talk like this distances us further from peace rather than bringing us closer…It is a kind of blindness to continue to pursue these policies.”

“How do you explain our ‘blindness’ during Oslo and now during the era of ‘Hamastan,’” Dann asked.

“We are always looking for a solution - we want peace now and it blinds us. We blame ourselves, changing the government and the prime minister.”

Asked if he would be joining Binyamin Netanyahu on the eve of elections, Yaalon said: “Right now I am not entering politics.”