IDF soldiers
IDF soldiers
Heavy fighting took place overnight in Judea and Samaria, with IDF forces searching parts of Shechem, located 25 miles east of Herzilya, to catch wanted terrorists. The IDF waged anti-terror battles in Gaza as well.

Dozens of terrorists laid ambushes for soldiers along the narrow roads of the PA-controlled city of Shechem. Three IDF soldiers were moderately wounded by a bomb and shooting attack in Shechem. They were airlifted to Beilinson hospital in Petach Tikva. Two others were shot and lightly wounded.

The IDF rounded up eight wanted terrorists overnight. A Fatah terrorist was arrested in Shechem and four Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) terrorists were caught near Ramallah. Three others were arrested in Bethlehem and Hevron.

In Gaza, the IDF killed a dozen terrorists Tuesday night and Wednesday, three in Khan Younis and nine others in battles in Gaza City. Forty PA Arabs were injured in the fighting.

Several roadside bombs and anti-tank rockets were fired at IDF tanks and troops in both northern and southern Gaza Wednesday; the army was operating a full mile inside Gaza. Troops went door-to-door making arrests and searching for terrorist tunnels.

The style of resistance by Gazan terrorists resembled that displayed by Hizbullah terrorists in southern Lebanon during last summer’s Second Lebanon War – roadside bombs and anti-tank missiles. The guerilla warfare is being coordinated by the Popular Resistance Committees, an amalgamation of terror groups founded by Fatah members, staffed by Islamic Jihad and Hamas terrorists and backed by Hizbullah, according to intelligence assessments. The group operates in coordination with the ruling Hamas regime.

The IDF displayed weapons it seized during the previous day's fighting in Gaza Thursday. The arms displayed included Kalashnikov AK-47 assault rifles of the type handed to PA police under the Oslo Accords, hunting rifles, handguns, ammunition clips, hand grenades, military vests, surveillance equipment and gun sights.

Weapons captured by the IDF

(Photo: IDF Spokesman)

The IDF continues to deny PA reports that an Israel Air Force fighter jet bombed a car in which Islamic Jihad’s senior rocket-fire terrorist Ra'ed Fanuneh was riding. Islamic Jihad said it blames Israel, though evidence suggests that explosives in Fanuneh’s car might have detonated accidentally.

Two rockets were fired at Sderot from northern Gaza Wednesday evening in addition to the four fired earlier in the day. One landed inside the Sapir College campus and damaged a building. The other struck a structure near the MDA Ambulance and Medical station being constructed in the city center. Two people were treated for shock.