A press conference in Hebrew University's Lewinsky Hall is called to announce the dramatic findings

Professor Ehud Netzer addresses journalists, describing the discovery

Professor Netzer stands before a photo of the dig site

Prof. Netzer has searched for Herod's Tomb since 1972

The tomb is within the circle

Journalists from the world press examine the site

Herod's sarcophagus (coffin) - the light line can be seen at the base of the stone

The sarcophagus, which was broken, held Herod's body

Fine carved rock can be seen on the bottom right

The style of engravings helped the archaeologists date the finds

Where the funeral precession is thought to have been

The complex and funeral course - hypothesized map

An overhead diagram of the sarcophagus

Part of a jar thought to be used to hold ashes

Another artifact

Found in the hall, a smashed part of the tomb

A diagram shows how the artifacts fit into the tomb

A northwest view from the site

(Photos: Josh Shamsi, Arutz7 Photojournalist)