MK Yaakov Margi (Shas) has a proposal to reduce energy resource waste, air pollution, and traffic accidents. He says that every car must rest one day a week, in accordance with the owner's choice.

A legislative proposal by MK Margi states that every car owner must inform the Licensing Authority what day of the week his vehicle will not be in use - and pay a fine if the car is used on that day. Every car will be equipped with a sticker indicating which day it may not be used.

A similar system was implemented shortly after the Yom Kippur War, in order to cut down on national fuel consumption. Some Sabbath-observers conveniently chose Saturday as their car's day of rest, while others, wishing to contribute more directly to the national effort, chose a different day.

"The number of cars in Israel has risen meteorically in recent years," Margi explains in his bill, "and as a result, there is much congestion on the roads, leading to air pollution, a giant waste of energy resources, and a significant jump in car accidents."

Margi says his law would reduce traffic accidents by an estimated 13%.

In terms of pollution, one estimate has it that shutting down a car one day each week for a year would save 55 lbs. of pollution from being emitted into the air