A highly-regarded kabbalist elder from Bnei Barak has issued a warning that the next war in Israel is on the way.

Rabbi Eliyahu Leon Levi, who frequents the Western Wall every Saturday night to recite Psalms and teach Torah, told his students that there is an "evil decree" of war looming on the horizon. According to the Rabbi, Syria is liable to join Lebanon in firing missiles at the Jewish State in the pending war.

The missiles will have a much greater range and carry much larger warheads than katyusha rockets...

The missiles will have a much greater range and carry much larger warheads than the katyusha rockets fired against Israel this past summer in the Second Lebanon War which claimed some 156 lives, he noted.

"It's not going to be 'katyushas shmatyushas' this time which have only tens of kilograms of explosives. The enemy will launch, G-d forbid, rockets carrying 500 and 600 kilograms of explosives," Rabbi Levi told his students.

On several occasions, Rabbi Levi first alerted Israeli military authorities of security threats and movements of massive amounts of enemy weapons, that were subsequently verified by IDF intelligence. The kabbalist Rabbi said just before the Passover holiday that he does not want to cause panic, but suggested that the Israeli public stock up on two weeks of water, food supplies, candles and matches in case the delivery of basic commodities is disrupted.

Rabbi Levi said that though Israel "may, G-d forbid, pay a heavy price initially, the Jewish People would muster strength to crush their enemies leading to a great sanctification of G-d's name through ultimate victory."

He emphasized that the decree can be annulled through prayer, repentance, and good deeds. "In the spiritual world, things can rapidly change. But right now, it appears that war could break out soon after or even during the Passover holiday." Rabbi Levi said that the allocation of food to the needy and the great acts of charity which preceded the Passover holiday made a great impression in the heavenly court and sweetened the judgment to a degree.

"We are on the brink of redemption, and a great war is coming." he said. "Whoever doesn't prepare himself spiritually is at great risk. A person must turn to G-d in prayer and cry and confess his wrongdoings, and rectify his ways. A person must recite Psalms as we do every Saturday night here at the site of our holy temple. The recitation of Psalms constitutes a spiritual rinsing of the mouth from idle talk, as well as from the transgression of causing others pain through our speech. Come with your children to cry and pray before G-d and ask forgiveness."

Rabbi Levi said that once the rockets start falling, it is too late for a person to wake up and begin to rectify his ways. "Now is the time to ask for mercy. If one doesn't do so, G-d have mercy on his soul - there will be problems."

Rabbi Levi said that those who recite Tikun Hatzot
(the Midnight Rectification) along with a Tikun Yesod (rectification of the covenant of sexual purity) will have an invincible shield of protection (ohr makif) around him.

Rabbi Eliyahu Leon Levi recites Tikun Hatzot at the Kotel

Tzvi Fishman

The kabbalist pointed to sexual wrongdoing, immodest dress, and addiction to pornography on the internet as additional factors which bring about harsh decrees on Israel.

Articles by Rabbi Eliahu Leon Levi translated into English appear on JewishSexuality.com.